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The Road to Enlightenment

BOS Solutions web site design and software development prices are highly competetive. We can guarantee an affordable price for our graphic design, web site design, software and other services while at the same time guaranteeing a high quality product.

It is impossible to fix a price on a project before we discuss its finer details. It is essential to clarify exactly what the customer requires in all aspects of the project in order to give a accurate quote. Please request a free quote for your needs. [We will respond to all emails within 24hrs of recieving them.]

BOS Solutions can use a payment model built to suit your individual needs:

Fixed hourly rate for a given project
Fixed contract quote for a given project

Once a client chooses BOS Solutions as their web design team, they are provided with a free quote.

The website design process begins....

Stage 1: Planning and Design of the site
Stage 2: Development
Stage 3: Testing of the site
Stage 4: Implementation of the site
Stage 5: Maintenance